Peter Doig

Born in 1959, Peter Doig is a Scottish artist known for his conceptual and sometime abstract landscape paintings. Made up of many formulated layers of paint, his work harks back to the paintings of Impressionists such as Monet as well as the artistic style of Edvard Munch. After moving to London from Canada where he had spent part of his childhood in 1979, Doig studied at a series of influential art schools in the city such as the Chelsea School of Art where he received his MA, before eventually returning to Montreal. This move was noted by Doig himself as a conscious effort to discover his own new approach to painting. Although many landscape pieces he produced during this period depict classic Canadian snow scenes, these images were not direct representations of his experiences and known environment, but constructed reality’s from within Doig’s own imagination. The artist has said that he wants his work to be considered as ‘more of an imaginary place – a place that’s somehow a wilderness’.

Doig is perhaps best known for his series of paintings made throughout the 1990s of the French modernist communal living apartments know as l’Unite d’Habitation. These paintings often depict the tall, stark white buildings, just visible through the tangled vine like tree’s which surround them. His work is said to capture moments of pure tranquillity, which are then juxtaposed with eerie unworldly tones. These two elements combined and then expressed through Doigs unusual colour palette all contribute to giving his work a tough of magic realism.

The first major recognition for Doigs artistic ability came in 1993 when he received first prize at the John Moores exhibition for his painting entitled Blotter, this publicity raised the public’s opinion of Doig as an artist and in 1994 he was nominated for the Turner prize. One year later in 1995 Doing was made a trustee for the Tate Gallery, a role which continued in till the year 2000.

In 2005 Doig was included in the list of artist exhibited in part 1 The Triumph of Painting at the Saatchi Gallery in London. Two years later in 2007 Doigs painting White Canoe sold for $11.3 million dollars at Sotheby’s, at the time it was a record for any living European Artist. In 2008 the Tate Britain exhibited a retrospective of his work entitled Peter Doig. The exhibition then travelled to the Paris Museum of Modern art and the Schirn Kunsthalle in Frankfurt during 2008-2009. In September 2012 Doig held his most recent solo exhibition at the Tate Britain. He current lives and works in Trinidad.

Peter Doig Paragrand