Scott Campbell

Born in 1977 in Louisiana, after fleeing his original career as a Biochemist at the University of Texas, Scott Campbell has become one of the most renowned tattoo artists on the planet with a list of high profile and celebrity clients such as Heath Ledger, Josh Hartnett and Orlando bloom. Campbell trained in his craft at the Picture Machine one of the oldest tattoo shops in California, but now runs his empire from his own legendary Saved Tattoo studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Although previously highly respected as a tattoo artist, during the mid 2000s Campbell was also embraced by the fine art community and gained just as much artistic provenience for his sculptural works as his tattoo designs. Campbell’s sculptural forms often consist of Stacks of dollar bills intricately carved into serpentine swirls or grinning skulls. Combined with his delicate graphite drawings on the inside of eggshells, Campbell’s unusual and often macabre artistic style has made him one of the most celebrated new voices on the New York art scene. Despite having only shown in galleries for a few years Campbell’s work is seen in some of the most established collections and museums, not just in his native US but across the world.

Scott Campbell Skull Cube (2010)